Texas Hold ‘em – Rules

Texas Hold ‘em – Rules

Good and experienced Texas Hold ‘em players can quickly evaluate the strength of their hand. Intuition, or the luck of the cards, is not enough. You will often need a good strategy, matched to the character of the players, and even the ability to carry out minor mathematical calculations.

With a strong hand, it is worth playing a slow game, as your opponents can try to bluff (with weak hands). The most popular way of counting the strength of a hand is “counting cards”. This is one of the most important issues that should be addressed in a guide on “How to play Texas Hold ‘em“.

AUTO-CALCULATION – This relies heavily on calculating probability, which means assessing your chances of winning by counting the strongest cards (those that will drastically increase the strength of a player’s hand) in relation to the number of chips needed to check the bet. Below are examples of the percentage probability of drawing certain cards (strong cards) for different selected tactics in Texas Hold ‘em:

Converting a pair in the hand to a three of a kind – 4% for drawing one suitable card, 8% for drawing two suitable cards

A straight requiring two cards – 22% for drawing one suitable card, 38% for drawing two suitable cards

Hole card – 7% for drawing one suitable card, 13% for drawing two suitable cards

Flush – 19% for drawing one suitable card, 35% for drawing two suitable cards.

What is bluffing?

Enthusiasts of all types of poker would certainly make good actors. This is because, during each game, they must take a risk and give an impression of self-confidence even when their cards are not strong. Many Texas Hold ‘em masters see bluffing as the source of their success, and their play often involves some quick, almost aggressive gameplay. Thanks to this, their opponents are sometimes fooled into believing that the player holds very strong cards in their hand.

Another variant of bluffing is long reflection before making a move, apparent nervousness, timidity and withdrawal. Thanks to this strategy, a player may successfully mask a strong hand and draw the others into betting – thus raising even more chips.