Hands in Hold’em poker

Hands in Hold ‘em poker

Texas Hold ’em Poker, also known as Texas Hold ’em, is the unanimous king of gambling card games around the globe. The popularity of this variety of poker is down to its simple rules, which can be learned in a very short time. The basic equipment for Hold ‘em Poker is a full deck of 52 cards. Different layouts of cards form the “seniority of the hands”. These layouts are as follows:

ROYAL FLUSH – from ace to 10, in the same suit; for example ace, king, queen, jack and ten of clubs (♣).

STRAIGHT FLUSH – five cards of the same suit, in ascending order of value. When more than one poker player has this hand, the winner is the one with the strongest, for example seven, eight, nine, ten and jack of clubs (♣).

FOUR OF A KIND – four cards of the same value, for example five of clubs (♣), five of spades (♠), five of diamonds (), five of hearts (♥), and a three of clubs (♣).

FULL HOUSE – three cards of the same value (not suit), and a pair of cards of the same value. For example, five of spades (♠), five of diamonds (), five of hearts (), three of clubs (♣), and three of spades (♠).

FLUSH – five cards of the same suit (the winner is the player with the strongest hand). For example, ace of hearts (), two of of hearts (), four of hearts (), five of hearts (), and jack of of hearts ().

STRAIGHT – five cards in order of value, and of mixed suits. For example, three of clubs (♣), four of diamonds (), five of hearts (), six of hearts (), and seven of spades (♠).

THREE OF A KIND – three cards of the same value and different suits. For example, six of hearts (), six of diamonds (), six of spades (♠), five of clubs (♣), and eight of spades (♠).

TWO PAIRS – two pairs of cards, each pair consisting of cards of the same value (but different suits). If players have the same highest pair, the second pair decides the winner, and then the highest card. For example, jack of diamonds (), jack of spades (♠), two of clubs (♣), two of diamonds (), five of hearts ().

PAIR – two cards of the same value (different suits). When several players hold a pair, the strongest cards win. For example, king of clubs (♣), king of hearts (), two of diamonds (), five of clubs (♣), and jack of spades (♠).

HIGH CARD – in the event that none of the above described hands can be made, the highest card is considered the best hand. If several players have this hand, the one with the strongest card wins.

texas hold'em signHierarchy of Cards:





10 – TEN

9 – NINE



6 – SIX

5 – FIVE

4 – FOUR


2 – TWO

Suits (each has 13 cards): spades (), hearts (), diamonds (), clubs ().

The size of standard cards in a pack for a game of Texas Hold ‘em poker is 63 × 89 millimetres.

The minimum number of players required for a game of Texas Hold ‘em is two. The game is usually played between four or five competitors. There are five basic kinds of betting for the game:

  • Duplicate – players in corresponding positions on different tables receive the same cards
  • Mixed limit – involves alternating the limit and no limit rules in each game
  • No limit – no pre-set limit. Each player may bet as many chips as they wish
  • Pot limit – each player may raise as much as in the pot
  • Limit – each player may raise to a pre-set stake, but the number of bets is limited